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Watch if Testing these 5 Qualities of Top iPhone App Developers is a Trick

With countless tools available, anyone can build an application, at least to some degree. The what exactly do top iPhone app developers bring to the table? Let’s take a look.

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5 qualities of top iphone app developers

We assume you abide by the statistics, but you should know that the number of iOS users is a fraction of the number of Android users and yet it rakes in the majority of total mobile app revenues. A bit contradictory but when you dive into the details, it makes sense. The logic goes something like this- Apple creates a premium device and robust ecosystem around it. People pay a premium price for their device and as a consequence, also spend considerably more on services-aka apps. That is the reason, there are many applications that are freely available on Android but are paid on iOS.


But if users are paying a premium price, they also expect premium services. This is where iPhone app developers come in. They aren’t just expected to create applications but also deliver highest quality standards. And with millions of applications already crowding the App Store, these expectations are always on the rising curve. These are qualities through which top developers match those expectations:


Well, everyone knows that developers need to be creative to be able to deliver a superior product. Terms like “out-of-the-box thinking” and “original approach” get thrown around a lot but the problem is how do you as a client test it? Is creativity even something that can be tested? Not in absolute terms but enough to give you a picture.

All you have to do is pitch a crude idea and let them come up with the widest possible range of solutions. No, this isn’t a free run because either by conventions or technical limitations, many of the factors of an app are pre-determined. And it is the ability to offer a full spectrum of solutions without defying those constraints that you should count as creativity.

Analytical skills

An idea is merely a dream if it can’t be implemented. And this is where the next trait of top app developers lie- they execute what they think. This is much easier to test as well.

For each of the possible solution they offer, as for the implementation strategies as well, more importantly, the benefits and shortfalls of each. It is often the case that developers have hindsight view of their own strategies, thus missing some key loopholes. If the iPhone app developers you hire are able to point the flaws in their own solutions, you are on the right track.


App development is not a one-man job, not even a one-team job. There needs to be a lot of collaboration and many compromises have to be made to be able to deliver the final product. This why flexibility is one of the much soughtafter qualities in developers- also referred to as agility by some.

From being able to implement the ideas of others to adjust their own strategies based on shifting goalposts, you can test this skills in various ways or maybe in all possible ways.


When you hire iPhone app developers for your project, it is only natural to expect them to know the involved technologies inside out and top developers do.

While you can’t possibly test them all, you can at least test the ones most relevant to your project. Task them with the trickiest parts of development first and if they can handle that, you can rest assured that they will handle the rest.

Diverse knowledge base

For most clients, iPhone App Development is merely a part of their overall business plan and while it is not required, top developers still expand their expertise beyond their core domain.

They are not just efficient at creating iPhone apps, but are also swiftly able to port applications from other platforms to iOS or the other way around.

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