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Kotlin vs Java. Why Kotlin is going to replace Java

When we come to android app development, it creates a big confusion, which is the best language between Java and Kotlin. These two most commonly used languages for Google now are Java and Kotlin.

Kotlin came into existence in the year of 2011 as an unveiled version. It is the first appeared as a new language for Java Virtual Machine from a team of Saint-Peterburg programmers called Jet Brains. The reason they decided to come up with a new “spinning wheel” for Android development is quite easy to understand; apparently, there are a few:

Java has been around for 22 years already which is why there are loads of features that can not be implemented due to Java's massiveness and obsolescence.

Reasons why Kotlin is being used instead of Java in Android App Development

  • It’s Android-focused
  • Switch from Java is extremely easy
  • Extension functions
  • It has null in its type system
  • Simple syntaxis. Less code to write
  • Type-safety language
  • It avoids extra garbage collection
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