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Why Developers Love PHP for Web Development

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php developers for web development

The popularity of PHP among web development services as well as businesses can be summed up in one simple yet profound fact- around 8 out of every 10 websites on the Internet use PHP on the server-side.

From enterprises to eCommerce to education and healthcare, PHP development has found equal appreciation in almost every industry despite being over two whole decades old- in the world of technology where new replaces old in a matter of flash. So, how does it manage to hold such exponential lead for this long time? Let’s take a look:

Before we get into specifics, it is worth pointing out that PHP is not the most powerful language or the one with most features. In fact, it is tough to pinpoint even one domain where it clearly triumphs over all others. This doesn’t mean its immense success is just a matter of chance, far from it. What actually makes PHP appealing is the fact that though it doesn’t ace in any one particular domain, it is flexible and powerful enough to handle them all. That is, it is the ‘Jack of all trades, but master of none,’ which makes it as successful as it is. Here is how:


From microframeworks to full-scale MVC frameworks, the number of frameworks available for PHP is over hundred- much more than available for any other language. While the quest to figure out the best of them is another discussion, what this huge number entails is the liberal and inclusive nature of the language.

That is, PHP isn’t restricted to developers of any particular taste or limited to serve any particular purpose but is amply equipped to deliver everything that users expect from it.

2. Structured yet flexible

PHP is generally regarded as a part of LAMP technologies- Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. While this set of technologies is very powerful and remains the favorite of many developers, it doesn’t mean PHP isn't compatible with others.

Whether it is in terms of OS platforms like OSX, Linux, Windows, or in terms of web servers like IIS, Nginx, Apache, or GWS, PHP is equally compatible with all and thus, can be used to create applications while taking the concern of compatibility off the mind of developers.


Given that PHP is a long-established programming language used by a very large number of developers, the community support of this language is second to none. No matter the problem you are facing, it is almost certain that someone else has already solved it and all you need to do is ask. Additionally, since the language is used for creating virtually all kinds of applications, the time to initiate a new project is reduced drastically because there is always a good chance that a similar application with similar features and components is already up and running.

4.Design integration

Web applications these days aren’t just about functionalities, but the interface and the overall design also play a critical role. The benefit of PHP is that it has got this aspect covered as well. Being a PHP developer, even if you know nothing about designing, there are already top-class templates and other components readily-available that can be integrated without any additional overhead. And if you know a thing or two about designing, it supports HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, among other technologies, all of which you can use to create highly customized and unique designs.

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