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Web Development Trends in 2018

The only predictable thing in this world is change. Modification in existing practices is bound to
happen, presumably due to dynamic market demands and refinement in techniques.

Web development domain is no exception. Due to constant improvement in frameworks, technologies and
tools, new trends emerge, even the top web development companies find it difficult to keep up with the
transforming pace.

It is imperative for web developers and technology professionals to stay abreast with latest trends
and modern dynamics of the development landscape.

Knowing the forthcoming trends can help you gain an advantage over your competition as you can plan
and act accordingly to avoid hassles that may come your way.

Making you aware of what’s happening and what will influence the past, we have a list of web
development trends for 2018.

1. Conversational interfaces and chatbots

Bots were designed to add a sense of simplicity and automation in our everyday routine. Who knew
they’d be influential in handling customer queries by clearing doubts in real-time without human help.
Further, helping businesses in knowing their customers better by studying the past user behavior,
communication threads and frequently asked questions.


Businesses are keen to integrate chatbots in their systems to enhance user satisfaction and solve
queries in a flash. This trend is likely to see a spike in the coming days as well.

2. Artificial Intelligence

AI is another technology that is hard to resist for organizations, especially because of the gateway
of immeasurable opportunities it opens. The implementation of AI not only makes procedures simple but
also aids in accomplishing tasks with perfection. Leading tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon,
Apple and more are exploring ways to incorporate AI into their existing processes, which asserts us to
consider it in a long run.

3. Motion UI

The need of the hour is to engross users and keep them glued to your brand without annoying them with
unnecessary elements or events. The use of Motion UI is beginning to build momentum keeping a check on users’ mindset. Motion UI is a SaaS library for creating dynamic UI transitions and animations.

With a handy start-up kit, it provides developers to get off the blocks with ease compiling visual
content that captures viewers’ attention from the word go.

Information presented in the form of visuals attracts more users than stills that take user engagement
to an altogether new level. That is why its adoption rate has surged in the recent past. Businesses
will continue to use Motion UI while new organizations will soon join in.

4. Static website generators

A new mechanism which is expected to pick up the pace is static website generators. Most popular being
Jekyll, Middleman, Roots, and Hugo help developers to build websites quickly and smartly from plain
text stored in files rather than a database.

Websites generated using above-mentioned tools are easy to deploy, secured against breaches and are
quick to get your business up and running.

5. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is not limited to mobile devices and gaming consoles. Mozilla has brought VR magic to
browsers including desktops and mobiles. It has released WebVR that will transform your usual web
experience into an outstanding VR experience. It will allow VR content to be published to the web
easily and instantly, consumable by a potent VR device.

Google is also working on APIs to transform existing applications into VR-powered tech pieces. The
future is bright and we expect more companies and more VR-enabled apps to circulate in the coming

6. Collaboration techniques and tools

Collaboration is one of the crucial aspects of website development. The main reason that projects do
not complete within deadlines is the lack of communication and collaboration within departments of an
organization. This is likely to get aside as startups are working on new tools that will not only make
collaboration among teams more effective but will enhance productivity and quality of output.

7. JavaScript

JavaScript has witnessed continuous improvement over the past few years. Developers have delivered new libraries and new frameworks for developers to take advantage of JS, time and again. React library by
Facebook is a recent addition to the pool of JavaScript libraries that aid developers in building
custom and user-friendly interfaces.

There are several JavaScript frameworks including AngularJS, Vue.js, Meteor.js and more that have
helped developers and business owners to build desired products with minimal effort and in minimum

Final words

Consumer demands are ever-changing and so are the development trends. We have listed the top seven web development trends that you, as a web developer and the website owner, should know so that you can devise plans accordingly to satisfy your clients.

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